Aura of Attack

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Aura of Attack
Used By Assault, Duster
Effect Type Cloud
Steam Cost 70
Duration 36-26 seconds
Cooldown 3 seconds

Aura of Attack is a Secondary Ability.


On activation, Aura of Attack discharges a small cloud of empowering gas at the caster's location with a 3-unit final radius, then immediately begins its cooldown. Players passing through the cloud shoot double bullets from their Primary Weapon for a short duration, but have a (Multi / 2)x multiplier applied to its fire rate until the buff wears off.

Players may only benefit from one multishot buff at a time from most sources (exception: the Raptor's double-bullet effect while not superspeeding stacks multiplicatively with multishot buffs, resulting in quadruple bullets). If multiple buffs would be active at once, only the buff with the highest Multi and remaining duration applies its effects.


Name Multi Buff Duration Cloud Lifetime
Tier 0 Aura of Attack 1.3 4 36
Tier 1 Aura of Bludgeoning 1.4 6 36
Tier 2 Aura of Spanking 1.45 7 35
Tier 3 Aura of Wrecking 1.5 8 34
Tier 4 Aura of Double Death 1.55 8.5 32
Tier 5 Aura of Destruction 1.6 9 31
Tier 6 Aura of Revenge 1.65 9.5 30
Tier 7 Aura of Mania 1.7 10 29
Tier 8 Aura of Megalomania 1.75 10.5 28
Tier 9 Aura of Talking Softly 1.8 11 27
Tier 10 Vengeance Cloud 1.85 11.5 26