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Dungeon Modifiers are sets of buffs and debuffs applied to all planes in T10 dungeons (except for The Dig and Meowza dungeons). Mods will be “normal” 60% of the time, “difficult” 30% of the time, and “lethal” 10% of the time. "Normal" mods change the players' approach to the dungeon, while keeping the overall difficulty relatively the same. "Difficult" mods increase dungeon difficulty while giving 2x upgrade drops and 3x chance of other drops. "Lethal" mods drastically increase dungeon difficulty while providing the best rewards, with 2x upgrade drops and 7x chance of other drops.

Normal Modifiers

Name Buff Debuff
Acrobatics -50% Maneuver Steam Cost +20% Damage Taken
Bogged Down -25% Superspeed
Eager to Help -50% Secondary Steam Cost +20% Damage Taken
Float like a Butterfly +30% Gun Damage +30% Damage Taken
Hunt Peck +25% Gun Damage -50% Rate of Fire
In your Face +20% Gun Damage -40% Range
Itchy Trigger +30% Rate of Fire, +30% Ammo, -30% Cooldown -30% Gun Damage
Restless +25% Superspeed -50% HP regeneration
Touchy +30% HP regeneration +20% Damage Taken

Difficult Modifiers

Name Buff Debuff
Constrained -50% Steam
Exhausted -100% Steam Recharge Rate
Extremely Touchy +70% HP regeneration +40% Damage Taken
Fast Learner +25% XP +35% Damage Taken
Rush Hour +50% Superspeed +35% Damage Taken
Nearsighted -35% Camera View

Lethal Modifiers

Name Buff Debuff
Broken Axis -25% Maneuver Steam Cost -65% Max Turn Rate (for planes)
-85% Max Turn Rate (for hovercraft)
Dead to the World -95% Steam, +20% Damage Taken
Enfeebled +80% Damage Taken
Too Hot to Handle +250% Superspeed -15% Camera View, +50% Damage Taken
Insomniac 0 health regeneration, 0 steam regeneration, -30% Superspeed, +25% Damage Taken