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Used By Bandit
Effect Type Bullet
Steam Cost 20
Duration 4 seconds
Cooldown 5-4 seconds

EMP is a Secondary Ability.


On activation, EMP fires a large piercing bullet toward the direction of aim, then immediately begins its cooldown. The bullet lasts for 4 seconds and travels 12 units before it expires, dealing 1 Physical damage and a large amount of Confuse damage to enemies it hits. Enemies without stun immunity are inflicted with Confuse stun at 100% potency --- that is, they are completely immobilized (movement caused by other enemies notwithstanding) and prevented from firing bullets for a set duration (however, they can still spawn minions and shoot non-bullet projectiles even while disabled in this manner).

EMP is one of three secondary abilities which are affected by Damage multiplier (the other two being Acid Cloud and Propeller Blast); however, despite firing bullets, it is not affected by bullet-multiplying effects because it is not a Primary Weapon.


Name Confuse Damage Cooldown Confuse Duration Description
Tier 0 Training EMP 4 5.0 4 Pirates tend to claim they only carry this wildly illegal EMP in case of pirate attacks.
Tier 1 Baby EMP 8 4.9 4.2 This wee little thing? Nothing illegal here.
Tier 2 Salvaged EMP 16 4.8 4.4 Once part of a fusion testing site. Now put to more exciting uses.
Tier 3 Dropenstoppe EMP 24 4.7 4.6 Please don't run. We are a friendly salvage crew.
Tier 4 Gettawae EMP 32 4.6 4.7 Who likes being chased?
Tier 5 Piratical EMP 40 4.5 4.9 Yarr! And yer boots too!
Tier 6 Captains Jack's EMP 48 4.4 5 Love ya. Let's play hooky.
Tier 7 Duke's EMP 56 4.3 5.1 The best way to ensure you have an audience is by making sure they can't run.
Tier 8 Pepper's Old EMP 64 4.2 5.2 Never steal from Pepper. She likes to burn things.
Tier 9 Sergeant EMP 72 4.1 5.3 Deserters never get too far.
Tier 10 Dirty EMP 80 4 5.4 Sure, every time you press fire you irradiate a square kilometer for 500 years. But so obviously worth it.