Frost Bite

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Frost Bite
Type Ice Shotgun
Variant Count 3
Source Frozen Owl Monastery
Fusion Material White Steel

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Frost Bite is an Ice Elemental (ELEM) Weapon.

Full T10 Stats

Shots Visible? Damage RoF Range Ammo (Threshold) Cooldown Description
8 Yes 20.7


2 6.75 1 1 In the high Alps, a flock of snow owls delved into secrets no bird should know. Blueprints for this weapon were discovered amidst their powdered bones.
1 No 37.8


1 No 75.6


  • Damage numbers are per individual bullet, and do not account for amount of shots or total bullets fired.
    • Top row describes the visible bullets; middle and bottom rows describe, respectively, the close-range and point-blank damage bonuses.


  • Frost Bite is the only shotgun with piercing, making it especially valuable for hitting multiple enemies at once.