Home for Special Children

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"Warning: High Radiation."

The Home for Special Children is a tier 6 difficulty dungeon that has a chance to drop from various Noble Estate bosses such as the Jester, Doctor Octo and Chariot Judge. It is a source of Cowl Lube and Transformer Coils.

This dungeon has lightning-elemental attacks, so it is best to wear a Tesla Armor and equip ice weapons.

This dungeon will always have a difficult dungeon modifier for players above pilot rank 45.


Home for special children ss.PNG


  • Orphan
  • Enraged Orphan
  • Monstrous Orphan
  • Unstable Womb
  • Radiant Womb
  • Nanny
  • Blood Nurse
  • Nurse
  • Patient
  • Orderly
  • Shock Doc
  • Breeder Class I
  • Breeder Class II
  • Breeder Class III
  • The Conjoined
  • Newborn
  • Flesh Disposal
  • Sticky Fledgling
  • Edmund No.6
  • Geckel-Clone
  • Miniboss: N.A.N.A



Dr. Geckelston

Drops of Interest

  • Tier 7 Equipment
  • Transformer Coil Transformer Coil.png
  • Cowl Lube* Cowl Lube.png
  • Apache* Machine Gun.png

(*) Apache and Cowl Lube drops for pilots with a rank above 50, Cowl Lube being guaranteed.