Reeducation Camp

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The Reeducation Camp is a tier 10 difficulty dungeon that has a chance to drop from Jinn. It is a source of Research Dept Formula.

In the dungeon there is a possible Miniboss/Treasure Loot that can drop Heat Reflectors


Reeducation camp ss.PNG


  • MaxSec Guard
  • Fire Fountain
  • Fireling
  • Prison Klaxon
  • Fire Guard
  • Augmentation Therapist
  • Flame Probe Cache
  • Fire Strafer
  • Converted Prisoner
  • Mad Prisoner
  • Flame Thrower
  • Sniper Tower

* Miniboss: Converted Prisoner



Traitor Phoenix

Drops of Interest

  • T8 Equipment
  • T9 Equipment
  • Research Dept Formula Research Dept Formula.png
  • Heat Reflector Heat Reflector.png
  • Self-Repair Juice Self-Repair Juice.png
  • Fire Elemental Weapons
  • Fire Bird Wasp.png