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Type Elite Bounty
Location Imperial City
Level (Tier) 20 (10)
HP 12,600
XP 2,560
Element ?
Misc Notes
+25% Camera View within 40 units

The Retaliator is a tier 10 Elite enemy located in the Imperial City. It only appears on Wednesdays with its own Scout Bounty mission.


The Retaliator shoots a barrage of 2 fast shots dealing 7-8 damage towards the closest player. Then it will proceed to move quickly. It will then eventually spawn 4 turret mines close to the Retaliator in 4 corners, shooting many small shots towards the closest player. The Retaliator will continue to shoot shots alongside the turret mines and will even shoot missiles that leave a trail of small shots and explode.


Drop Table
Name Drop Count Type Guaranteed?
Tier 8 Equipment 1 Tiered No
Armor Stiffener.png
Armor Stiffener
1 Upgrade No