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Type Elite Bounty
Location Imperial City
Level (Tier) 20 (10)
HP 9,450
XP 1,920
Element ?
Misc Notes
+25% Camera View within 24 units

The Sentinel is a tier 10 Elite enemy located in the Imperial City. It only appears on Saturdays with its own Scout Bounty mission.


If you approach the Sentinel, it will send out ~5 orbs, which leave a trail of damaging shots and the orbs will shoot lasers. In order to make the Sentinel vulnerable you have to defeat some of the orbs.

Vulnerability Phase

After the orbs are defeated, the Sentinel will become vulnerable. The Sentinel will then proceed to shoot many small shots around itself while moving around, sometimes moving away from the player and leaving a trail of many small shots.


Drop Table
Name Drop Count Type Guaranteed?
Tier 8 Equipment 1 Tiered No
Barrel Dopant.png
Barrel Dopant
1 Upgrade No