The Vaults

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The Vaults is a tier 10 difficulty dungeon that has a chance to drop from Doctor Notra. It is a source of Whale Oil.


The vaults ss.PNG


Upon entering the dungeon, you will obtain a mission exclusive to the dungeon called Become Worthy of Treasure! You need to defeat each of the Minibosses first. Then you have to find the key and navigate back to the start of the dungeon. The key will automatically go back to the start of the dungeon on its own. The key will drop Essence of Worthiness on the way and you will need to touch 10 of them in order to complete the mission (Don't worry, the key leaves more than 10 of them so you will still have a chance to complete the mission if you missed some Essences). After getting the key, you go back to where you started (make sure to touch 10 Essences) with the key and the Altar will appear. Attack the Altar to get your loot.

L20 Become Worthy of Treasure!

  • Find the key!
  • Escort the key to the Altar and touch 10 Essence of Worthiness.
  • Open treasure


  • Laser Gate
  • Laser Grid
  • Shock Eye
  • Security Node
  • Security Satellite
  • Immortal Guard
  • Treasure Guard
  • Guard Dropship
  • Anti-theft Turret
  • Thief Zapper
  • X-Mine II
  • X-Mine


  • Security Chief 001
  • Security Chief 002
  • Security Chief 003

Drops of Interest

  • Tier 8 Equipment
  • Tier 9 Equipment
  • Whale Oil Whale Oil.png
  • Barrel Dopant Barrel Dopant.png
  • Ice Mirror Armor2.png
  • Zemian Wasp Wasp.png