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Used By Engineer
Effect Type Spawn
Steam Cost 30
Duration 15 seconds
Cooldown 1 second

Turret is a Secondary Ability.


On activation, Turret deploys an autonomous turret at the caster's location and immediately begins its cooldown. Deployed turrets have the following properties:

  • Turrets initially inherit the orientation of the caster at the time of ability activation. After a short deploy animation, they will fire.
  • Turrets will target and fire at enemies within a 40° arc which are at most 10 units away.
  • Turrets fire bullets 1.5 times a second. These bullets pierce through enemies and other non-terrain entities, but expire after traveling 7 units.
  • Turrets have 15 Armor by default, but cannot be damaged by attacks. Instead, they take heavy damage over time while the caster is not within close proximity, being destroyed prematurely if their armor is reduced to 0.


Name Damage per Shot Description
Tier 0 Training Turret 6 Engineer deploy steam-powered turrets that shoots piercing bullets. Stay within repair range or the turret rapidly breaks down.
Tier 1 Basic Turret 14.4 A boxy contraption that once defended Paris against the Endless Plague of zombie lemmings.
Tier 2 Plague Turret 25.2 Basic bio-engineering gives us substantial protection against most natural illnesses. However, it does nothing to protect us from phages left hiding in ancient technologies. These mechanical plagues cleanse whole territories with disturbing regularity.
Tier 3 Assault Turret 39 The Endless Plague incubated in a population of tunneling scavenger rodents, uplifted from a highly prolific Microtinae subfamily. The initial infection vector was rumored to be a black floating cube recovered from the body cavity of a buried pregyptian colossus. Details are, of course, lost.
Tier 4 Eiffel Turret 55.2 The earliest field reports (Culmette files, circa 1507) note the abnormally increased reproduction. Matter, particularly mammalian flesh was suctioned up through hollow serrated hairs of an infected subject. And rapidly reconstituted into virulent babies.
Tier 5 Bastille Turret 74.4 The infection spread quietly through the burrows. A temperature change, the first warm day of spring, seems to have triggered the lemming horde's eruption to surface. At this point, in the recovered writings of journalist Gullston Calmette, they were 'a vast churning sea of hunger'
Tier 6 Blasted Turret 96 The initial wave engulfed much of the porcine quarter. The Red Wall, famous for the thousands of bouquets left each April at its base, commemorates their passing. The sus-ungulate line has sadly never fully recovered and we sing ballads of their lonely decline.
Tier 7 Ruined Turret 120.6 Avian coggers survived a key attack on their workshops due to an inherent immunity. After an internal struggle (dramatized in the popular operatic 'Ils Rampent') a core group of engineers began fortifying their position.
Tier 8 Haunted Pillbox 147.6 The lemmings repeatedly attacked a west-side embankment manned by a single 75-year old factory cogger, the mythic Henri Spiner. For 134 days, endless attacks were turned aside by a lone pillbox. When rescue finally arrived, they found Spiner long dead of starvation. In his final days, he'd perfected an automated turret and hooked it up to an eternal hotbox-based steam generator.
Tier 9 Midnight Turret 177.6 Hand-copied blueprints of the Spiner-turret enabled pockets of survivors to cobble together their own automated defense systems. Slowly a network of defended bunkers and tunnels spread across the ruined city. Children of the time say their fondest memories were of the soothing thunk, thunk, thunk as guns chewed through that endless sea of screaming lemmings.
Tier 10 Last Turret 210 During the fourteen years the tunnel camps lay besieged, coggers made their turrets ever lighter and more deadly. When the city militia finally took to the air, they were able to herd the now cannibalistic plague zombies towards the sea.